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Timemaison is a specialized marketplace for luxury watches.

About us

Timemaison is a specialized marketplace for luxury watches.

We are a platform that brings together sellers and buyers of watches in a convenient and secure environment.

As part of the Billstone group, Timemaison was formed through our close relationships with watch sellers. We have a strong vision of providing a platform that allows them to transact safely and comfortably.

Our collaboration with Billstone involves watch sellers in Indonesia, both online and offline. We created this platform to connect the needs of customers with committed watch sellers.

We want to clarify that no direct transactions are conducted through this website. Timemaison recommends customers to make transactions using the COD (Cash On Delivery) method at Billstone's official stores in Indonesia, such as Billstone Blok M, Billstone Plaza Indonesia, and other authorized Billstone stores. This is done to ensure your security and convenience.

We also collaborate with watch authenticators to ensure that every watch sold on our platform is genuine and original. This collaboration ensures that every purchase you make on Timemaison is a valuable and high-quality investment.

Timemaison aims to provide an extraordinary shopping experience for luxury watches. We consider watches as a statement of style and personality. We take pride in being the place where you can discover exclusive and high-quality luxury watch collections.

Thank you for choosing Timemaison as your preferred marketplace to explore the world of luxury watches. We are committed to providing the best service to you, both as a seller and a buyer. Join us and experience the satisfaction of finding the perfect watch to complement your lifestyle.

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Timemaison.com is the largest marketplace for luxury watches in Indonesia, providing an easy and convenient way to buy and sell your treasured timepieces!

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